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Flight information Alicante and Valencia airports

Javea is situated half way between Alicante and Valencia Airports

Alicante Airport to Javea 110km / 64miles

Valencia Airport to Javea 110km / 64 miles

 Time 1.15 Mins (aprx)

Javea to Alicante Airport


The check-in lobby, situated on the ground floor, has 98 desks (2 for special baggage), distributed over 5 islands. It also has 6 self-check-in machines and 4 security checkpoints leading to the boarding area.
The departures lounges have two zones: part of the processing building and all of the longitudinal dock. There are a total of 26 boarding gates, half of which are in the dock; 15 are contact positions, enabling direct access to aircraft by telescoping airbridges. The other 11 give remote access to planes.

Passengers arriving on both domestic and international flights, get into the floor 0, where the baggage reclaim hall is situated.
Baggage is reclaimed from the 16 available conveyor belts in two halls. The larger one, the EU hall, has 12 baggage reclaim carousels and 2 carousels for special baggage. The non-EU hall has 2 carousels and the customs post.

Alicante International Airport (airport code ALC) is just 9 kilometers south of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast and is the gateway to the Costa Blanca resort region. It is the 6th busiest airport in Spain with just under 10 million passengers annually. In March 2011, the New Terminal Area (Terminal N) opened with the capability to handle 20 million passengers each year. Also included in the new construction is a parking facility, new access road and extended aircraft apron and taxiway. Transport to and from the airport is by rental cars, buses and taxis. Alicante Airport meets and exceeds the goals of the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.

Location: Alicante SP, ES

Latitude / Longitude: 38.287098 / -0.557381
Time Zone: +2:00 hours from UTC/GMT
FlightStats code: ALC

Aena Phone number: 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00

Javea to Valencia Airport


Departures for domestic, community and international flights are processed on the first floor of the main passenger terminal. Regional flights depart from the first floor of the regional aviation terminal, which is connected to the former and can also be accessed directly from outside.

The arrivals area is on the ground floor of the main passenger terminal. There are four different baggage reclaim halls: hall 1 (with two baggage reclaim carousels), hall 2 (three carousels), hall 3 (three carousels) and hall 4 (four carousels, one of them for special baggage).

Location: Valencia SP, ES 
Latitude / Longitude: 39.49179 / -0.473475
Time Zone: +2:00 hours from UTC/GMT

Aena Phone number: 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00